Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

May 8, 2021 03:17 pm

Sedona, AZ – May 7th – 8th

We arrived in Sedona on May 7th and checked into an RV park in the town of Camp Verde, where we had reservations, and settled in for our stay. As we quickly learned, the Wi-Fi was virtually non existent, and poor little George (our Shih Tzu) was so dirty from all the dirt at this campground. You couldn’t even tell that his paws were really white. Yes…he got a few showers while we were there. Next time…we know which RV park we’ll choose.

It was a great day for us to take a ride up to Sedona. We learned that there are different sections of Sedona. Uptown Sedona is the “village” area where all the little shops and restaurants are. We magically found a parking spot for the “cowboy limousine” (otherwise known as our GMC Sierra 3500 HD Denali). Yay for parking Karma! We joined the many tourists, and walked both sides of the main street (Route 89A) and of course we found a little place to get gelato…hold on for the name of it “PussyCat Gelato”! Go figure! The good news is that the gelato was REALLY yummy!

Check out the Indian woman sculpture in the middle of town. So striking and powerful!




It was amazing to see all of the Red Rocks surrounding Sedona. Everywhere you look there are more Red Rocks, and they are HUGE! It was breath taking to see all of the different formations and talk about a blue sky! We’ve never seen such a blue color before. Maybe it’s the combination of all the red rocks and the blue sky that made it look even more blue! Truly incredible.


Red Rocks on Our Drive to Uptown

Red Rocks On Our Drive to Uptown


Red Rocks Even In Uptown


We made plans to rent a Jeep for 3 days so we could go off road and explore. We rented our Jeep through MYE (Make Your Expedition) May 9th through May 11th and had a blast! It’s definitely the way to go! Stay tuned for more on our Jeep adventures!

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