Guadalupe Smith Springs Hike

Guadalupe Smith Springs Hike

May 4, 2021 03:07 pm

Guadalupe National Park, TX – May 4th 

Following our visit to the Carlsbad Caverns, we went for a hike in Guadalupe National Park which is in Texas. The trail was Smith Spring Trail, a 2.4 mile hike. In our hiking book, it rates it as moderate, and Alltrails APP rates it an easy hike. For the novice hiker, it is definitely moderate. It was very rocky, dusty and brown until…we reached the halfway point of the loop, where there was actually a small spring and waterfall with lush greenery! A little oasis! And then…back to rocky, dusty and brown. The views from this trail were amazing since we were at a higher elevation. Walking the trail counter clockwise after coming out of the oasis and turning the corner, the expansive view of the entire valley was amazing. You will want to continue on the loop (don’t back track), so you don’t miss this part of the trail. 


View on the Way Up The Trail


Smith Springs Sign

Water Pool


View From Hike Down


At the trail head, was the Frijole Ranch Cultural Museum. We opted to check it out before we left, instead of at the beginning of our hike. We couldn’t get into the museum building, but this area was very peaceful and a little piece of history. There was a tiny one room schoolhouse, and also a spring house that was constructed for water protection and storage. Shaded by large trees, the little yard also had a picnic table. There was a young woman sitting there at the picnic table, just enjoying the quiet peace and shade.


Frijole Sign


Frijole Ranch


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