Sedona: Cathedral Rock Trail Hike

Sedona: Cathedral Rock Trail Hike

May 25, 2021 03:42 pm

For you hiking enthusiasts there is one hike in Sedona you must not miss. It’s called the Cathedral Rock Trail. One of the most scenic places in Sedona, but it is also one of the most challenging hikes. To feel the most power, you’ll need to hike to the Saddle of Cathedral Rock, which is only about three-quarters of a mile, but rises more than 650 feet in elevation in that short span—making it only for the most experienced climbers. No flip flops here! Get out those hiking boots!

The trailhead starts in a community called Back O Beyond. The entrance is located on Route 179 just south of Upper Sedona. It’s smart to get there early as the trail head parking lot fills up quickly and there is virtually no parking on the sides of the road (it’s monitored by the authorities if you know what we mean ). If the “parking lot is full” sign is up at the community entrance, go down to the parking anyway as people are coming and going. Be patient and wait, you will get a spot, it took us about 30 minutes of waiting to get ours and we went there in the early afternoon.


The trail is basically flat and well-marked by cairns (you all know what that is, right? LOL) until you get to the part where it turns into smooth stones. This is where you get to make some choices. As you climb the rocks you will reach a very large flat rock. We were incredibly lucky as there was a group of people, about 30, dancing to reggae music. It was so great to watch and if you so desire you can join, it is very freeing.



We really enjoyed this as they were free spirited and having so much fun, it was contagious.


You can then continue to climb up the face of the next set of rocks which is a bit challenging but can be done. We would say for an inexperienced climber it is moderate to difficult, especially on the way down. The young people were running up and down but not us LOL. That next level has amazing views of the entire valley and is a great place to stop and grab a snack, eat lunch, etc. but you’re not there yet!! 

Next you follow the trail and start your climb to the actual cathedral area. It was late in the day and decided we would save that climb for the next time we visit Sedona. If you have the time though do make the climb. There were people coming up as we decided to go who were going to hold a sunset wedding in the vortex of the cathedral all the way up the top. It’s been told many people get married up there. (insert picture MG_4064.JPG)

Taking an explanation from below they give a great description of the effects of the power of this vortex.

If you want to sense some of the power of this vortex without having to risk the climb, take the Templeton Trail to Red Rock Crossing for great views of Cathedral Rock and plenty of vortex energy. 

Cathedral Rock is the only one of the four major vortices with “feminine” energy—where the energy enters the earth—and is said to have introspective power that connects you to memories and past lives. While the energy is more subtle, it is quite powerful, encouraging you to slow down, become calm and grow quiet. More the reason to make the final climb.

We hope you will get the time to experience this hike and receive all the energy it has to provide. 



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