Traveler's Cellar Winery

Traveler's Cellar Winery

March 28, 2021 03:25 pm

On our trip from FL to MORryde International, Inc in Elkhart Indiana to get independent suspension and disc brakes installed on our Grand Design Solitude 310GKR, we stopped at Traveler’s Cellar Winery in Rockfield, KY for an overnight stay. Traveler’s Cellar Winery is a Harvest Host property. It was our first experience with Harvest Host and it was indeed a wonderful experience. If you’re not familiar with Harvest Host, it is a great option to a campground, especially when you’re looking for a one night stop over to reduce your daily travel time. Most of them do not have hook ups (water, electric and sewer) so it’s kind of like boondocking. There is typically a limit to a 1 night stay as well. There is no fee to stay, and since a Harvest Host can be a winery, distillery, brewery, farm, museum or golf course, it’s customary and requested to make a purchase of some kind during your stay to show your appreciation to your host for their hospitality.

Our visit to Traveler’s Cellar Winery was absolutely wonderful starting with the ride off the main highway, through the rolling hills and countryside to get there. Even though we arrived on Sunday, and the winery is closed on Sundays, the hosts, Deserea and her husband Derrick, were extremely welcoming and invited us into the tasting room for a private wine tasting. The décor in the wine tasting room was so cozy and inviting, and tastefully decorated. Derrick made the beautiful and unique bar out of a tree slab. The shape of it the slab is perfect for a bar. Downstairs from the tasting room is their wine cellar with the walls lined with wine bottles. There is a small round table and chairs in the center of the room. What a great room for a private wine tasting and special occasion. We loved their wines and purchased two different ones to add to our collection.



During the warmer weather, the winery has a variety of events for visitors to enjoy, with lots of outside seating. Since we were there at the tail end of winter and it was still chilly, we were happy to have our private wine experience in the tasting room.



Should our future travels take us near Rockfield, KY we would definitely stop by for another overnight stay. Hopefully the weather would be warmer so that we could experience one of their many outdoor events.

We highly recommend Traveler’s Cellar Winery. Whether you are traveling in an RV and looking for an overnight stay, or if you are in the area and looking for a great winery to visit, be sure to put Traveler’s Cellar Winery on your list. Be sure to call ahead…they have 2 RV spots on gravel. They are located at 3220 Fuqua Road, Rockfield, KY 42274. Their website is

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