Century Farm Winery

Century Farm Winery

April 30, 2021 01:12 pm

On the road again…this time we are starting our roughly 12,000 mile 3 ½ month RV adventure. We’re always up for a winery and a unique Harvest Host experience. After all…it’s all about the journey, right?

We found Century Farm Winery through Harvest Host. When we are searching for a Harvest Host, we map out our route and look for one that is a halfway point between destinations. We also check out the reviews, and choose the one that best fits our needs such as level ground, which is always a good thing! We try to cap our travel time at 5 hours.

Upon arriving at Century Farm Winery, Carl (he and his wife Jo are the owners) showed us where we could park the RV. There was one other RV already set up when we arrived, and another one came in a few hours later.


After settling in, we visited the wine tasting room. There was a group of 3 people in the tasting room when we arrived, and then another few people came during the time we were there. It’s a popular winery, especially on a Friday. We were pleasantly surprised to see that so many of their wines had won multiple awards. We sampled a flight of 8 wines. Carl gave us the history of the various wines and was a very gracious and fun host. And yes…of course, we purchased a couple of bottles. One was a delicious dessert chocolate wine! We are definitely going to “nurse” that one.


Carl invited us to freely walk the property and vineyard. The vineyard is 20 years old and you can see the maturity of the vines. We were surprised at the large size of the vineyard because when you drive up, you see Carl and Jo’s home, the winery, a shed with their equipment, and the area for RV’s. When you walk past that the vineyard is on the back of the property and it is huge. Our little Shih Tzu, George, loved walking all around the vineyard and property too!

Let’s talk sunsets!!! WOW WOW WOW…check out the pictures to see the progression.

If you are looking for a Harvest Host winery that has delicious wines, level grassy ground for RV parking, a great host, amazing sunsets, and near Jackson TN, then this is a great choice! And if you’re not RVing, and in the area, go check it out anyway! Century Farm Winery is located at 1548 Lower Brownville Road, Jackson, TN 38301. Their website is www.CenturyFarmWinery.com

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