Trailer Shelf Install

Trailer Shelf Install

April 27, 2021 05:45 pm

Take to Life DIY; Organize your trailer

Does your Trailer look like this? Let’s look at a way to build two shelves in the front V nose area to get this stuff off the floor and organized. You will find all the tools you need right here:

  1. Two 5 foot pieces if E-Track.
  2. Four E-Track attachments to support the 2X4’s
  3. An Electric Drill with attachments, Phillips head driver and 5/16’ driver for self tapping sheet metal screws
  4. Skill Saw (We used a DeWalt battery powered)
  5. Jig Saw or something similar to cut out the bracket insert. We will show you in the video.
  6. 1 box of 2” deck screws
  7. Two sheets of ½” or ¾” plywood
  8. Six 8’ 2X4’s
  9. Two pieces of wood 1X4” 8’ long
  10. A level



This is what it looks like with the E-track on the walls and the 2X4’s in place. It’s important to make sure everything is level both vertically and horizontally.


This is what it should look like once it is complete. The video will help you through all the steps. There is a great trick in the video to cut out the plywood to fit the front that really works great and saves a lot of measuring.




Good luck with your project and post any ideas you have to make it even better.

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